Saturday, 27 August 2016


The craft room (aka "The Craft Room") used to be a bedroom and thus it came equipped with a double wardrobe with glass doors.

Marvin has filled the space with shelves and made wooden boxes (around 100 - you can only see half of them here) to fit on them.

As most of my stuff was in shoe boxes the smaller ones are large shoebox size, making it easier to simply transfer the contents.

The larger boxes are the same height but are based on the size of an A4 display book so that I can store full sheets of paper "as is" or sort my scraps out into plastic storage sleeves and put them into the boxes.

Once again I've gone with boxes rather than drawers so that I can pull the required one(s) out  and use the contents directly from the box.

Marvin has screwed a little metal label holder to the front of each box and and used a forstener bit to drill a semi-circle at the top for an easy grip.

I hand-wrote labels for each of them but to be honest, the phrase "its in the MDF box" has already become synonymous with "we have no idea where that is" in our household.  If I don't get the hang of finding things quickly soon, then I'll add some pictures - I think a little die-cut pair of scissors might make the scissor box easier to locate that the carefully written label or, as Marvin suggests I draw up a plan with easier-to-read listing co ordinates.  Its only been a few days (I'm doing all these posts re: the craft room at the same time but posting them weekly) so I'm hoping I'll just organize them according to what I use most frequently and then just remember, so I don't have to read too many labels to find what I'm after.

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