Saturday, 9 April 2016


If you have some left over crochet cotton, why not use it to add a special edge to a card.

I've pierced holes down the side with a single needle tool, a reasonable distance from the edge. This was a precaution in case the card tore.  As it happened, this was unnecessary as everything stayed put.  There are lots of ways to space holes  evenly, but I used the most "low tech" which was simply to pierce them against a metal ruler at regular intervals.

I blanket stitched along the holes, so there was a larger space into which to crochet, and then just made up the edging as I went along.

If I was doing this "properly"  I would have used a much finer cotton, and probably either worked out or copied a more decorative edging (there are lots of free patterns online).  You don't have to confine crochet to the edges of cards - crochet motifs can be used as the main focus (flowers, snowflakes, small doileys etc), and you can also add borders to simple shapes.