Saturday, 20 August 2016


Shelves for stamps and little bits.
I'm doing a series of posts about my craft room reno.  Hopefully you'll get some inspiration.  Sometimes seeing what someone else has done can provide an idea to follow (feel free if this is you) or a clearer idea of what you do want if you see something you don't like.

Here is what we came up with for the storage of the rubber stamps.  (Sorry Marvin, "the solution up with which we have come"......Really??!!)
From sad experience I know that it's best not to stack stamps, its certainly not good to squash them, or even store them face down for long periods plus the rubber is not particularly happy in the sunshine.

Marvin made these shelves a while ago, and we relocated them to the new room.  they spacing of the shelves has been dictated by the range of sizes of the stamps.

Its a bit of a hard call, because in some ways it would be nice to have all the same type fo stamps (e.g. Christmas) together, but the trade off is that larger spaces would be needed between all the shelves, hence less space overall.

The bottom of the shelves have been cut to fit over the skirting boards and the unit screwed to the wall, which means that it can be removed fairly easily, but that it won't fall over either.

There's space at the bottom for storage of other smaller items such as embossing powders and glitter glue, although perhaps one day all the shelves are filled with stamps!

I put all the really little stamps in large jars on top of the bookshelves at the side.  It only takes a moment to gently tip them onto the desktop, although a little longer to find the stamp.  I'll put them on the shelves if this proves to be a problem.

By putting the stamps on the shelves on an angle, I can see the front pattern but more will fit.  It was only after I'd finished that I realized that I should have angled them AWAY from the window. D'oh!!

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