Saturday, 3 September 2016


For one reason or another I like to do a lot of my paper craft standing up so Marvin made the island bench at just the right height for tallish people (i.e. me!) to do this.  As its got lots of space around it I can trail long things over the top, if necessary.  (There's also a lot of floor space for extra-big projects - also it means that the horribly uncomfortable sofa bed can be opened up if we are desperate for extra sleeping space).

The framing is made from pine, the top and shelves from melamine.  We aren't too sure about how this will go - I expect it might stain quite badly....or well, depending on your viewpoint..........I don't expect pristine white is exactly "me"........a few paint stains here and there will probably be OK.  If not, Marvin assures me replacing the top is "no big deal"  I really should learn to do all this myself but as you can probably tell, I don't have much incentive to do so!)

The two shelves underneath are a good space for otherwise awkward items like paper towelling, sponges, high aerosols etc.  I'm also going to put my paints under there because I have a horrible habit of squashing tubes when they're inside containers with lids.

The "sit down" table is, as requested, long and thin.  A normal width of table takes up a lot of space and, quite frankly, I end up using the edge strip and just fill the rest with clutter.  The theory is, no back space, no clutter.  There's more than enough length to work, keep my pencils and pens at hand and, of course, fit the trusty Cuttlebug"

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