Saturday, 6 August 2016


My craftroom had sort of grown organically over time.  It had green walls and well-worn pink carpet. There were plastic boxes, and cardboard boxes and an assortment of plastic bags, unrestrained piles of paper get the picture.  After spending a number of evenings drooling over other people's creative spaces as shown on various sites, my husband, good bloke that he is, suggested we could do something fact.... as he enjoys woodwork, more or less whatever I wanted.

Lucky me.....yay.....followed by sudden panic.  What did I want?  Well,  I wanted to be able to store the same sorts of things together for starters.  I wanted to be able to find them too, and then access them easily!  I also wanted to be able to work either sitting down or standing up. Most of all, I wanted a comfortable, usable space - not cluttered, but not so pristine that I was afraid to throw a bit of paint around.

Well.....a few weeks later, and as of yesterday (today if you count cleaning up) we're finished!  I was going to say that I'm not posting this as a "look what we did!" but have to confess there's a bit of that - I wish I'd taken photos of the old room so you could actually see why I'm so pleased with the end result.  The official reason, I'm writing about this and posting pictures over the next few weeks is that I have really enjoyed looking at what other people have done for storage and how their craftrooms are set-up and feel like I should feed a few ideas back into the system.  Hopefully someone might find some inspiration here too.  I know its not strictly papercraft, but I'm fairly sure that getting  myself organized is going to be a big plus in actually producing some!
The New Craftroom

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