Saturday, 7 May 2016


I have to work really hard not to get loose embossing powder all over the place when I heat emboss.  (I do know that this is because I don't follow my own advice re: not touching the surface, flicking stray bits off with a hard brush, and in extreme cases using an anti-static pad etc etc).

After a particularly messy effort (due to lack of effort on my part) I wondered if this could be "a technique" - perhaps for a little star trail (as in the picture), or specks of rain, or seaspray etc, so I just sprinkled  a bit of embossing powder here and there and heated it.

Rule one (of course) is don't lift it up or, without ink or some other medium to hold it in place the powder will simply fall off.  Rule two is if you are going to heat it flat then do so on a heat resistant surface.

It worked OK I guess but a little too randomly for my liking.  Unlike heat embossing with ink, you can't just shake off the bits that aren't exactly where you want them.  I'll stick to little dots with an embossing pen in the future but inkless embossing is possible.