Saturday, 9 January 2016


I don't often do complete cards for this blog, but made an exception this time you probably wouldn't be able to see the "idea" if I hadn't!

If you're getting a bit fed up with the usual card bases made of.....well......card, how about trying acetate.

Its a little trickier to deal with as you have to deal with the back being visible I left the sticker "as is" and cut a panel of red card to disguise the back of the 3D picture.  Then, because my red backing/border proved a bit dodgy (thus proving once and for all that I can't cut straight with scissors!) I added a border sticker on the front.  Rest assured I do take more care with the cards I actually give people - this one is just "by way of example".

As the picture I was using, coupled with the backing, stickers etc ended up being quite heavy in relation to the thickness of the acetate, I double scored the middle so that the card had a little spine, which added stability when it sits up to display.  As the picture had height already, it didn't add much, if any thickness to the overall card.

(All the materials came from Regal Craft Cards)