Friday, 14 April 2017


Here's another idea for your small stamps - combine them to make a border.

I guess the technique is pretty self-evident, but there are a couple of things that might be worth mentioning from my experience.

The first is that drawing a light pencil shape that can be erased later, is very helpful.  The second is that it might take a couple of goes (by couple I mean about five) to get the colour and shape combo working to your satisfaction so playing around a bit on paper or a piece of cardboard to be later mounted onto a base card is a good idea.  Better still, photograph the result and file it away or put it on your blog to save you some time in the future!

Another point worth mentioning is how much colour "colours" how we see things.  I showed someone this and they immediately thought "Christmas Card" which wasn't my intention, but it does work for those who like a neutral seasonal greeting.

You don't have to use flowers and leaves of course, a border of  the little men I used in last month's post would work well for father's day for instance, and you could carve your own easter egg stamps from erasers etc etc etc

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